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Learn how to place a Keys' School-Friendly Site Award on your site!!!

Introducing the Keys To Safer School-Friendly Sites Program

Freedom from violence in our schools is an extremely important right of all students and schools.  Keys To Safer is dedicated to helping communities, schools and other youth oriented organizations detect the potential for violence, establish prevention strategies and eliminate violence in schools. KEYS realized that violence does not start in the school, but is brought into the schools. Therefore, KEYS' seeks to join with and up-lift other School-Friendly Sites that desire to do their part to Lock Out Violence Everyday within our Schools and Communities.  If you believe your site seeks this and meets the below criteria we would like to provide the site with one KEYS' Awards. 

KEYS' School-Friendly Site Guidelines

The School-Friendly Sites emblems/awards are trademarks of Keys To Safer Sitestm and may only be displayed on sites that meet the currently published guidelines as follows:

  1. A site desiring to be a KEYS' School-Friendly Sites (KSFS) must abides by principles of love, honor, respect and promote violence free schools. Business sites advertising with KEYS may not necessarily promote these principles directly, but they clearly will not detract from them.

  2. The site follows the spirit of the guidelines outlined herein.  If you would be ashamed for your mother or 8 year old child be exposed to something on the site, then that site should not present a School-Friendly Site Award by Keys To Safer

  3. The site contains NO adult-theme or sexually-explicit text, images, or photographs that promote violence or sex.

  4. The site strives to link only to sites that meet the spirit of KEYS' School-Friendly Sites guidelines.

  5. Sites change in content regularly; if changes are made to a site such that its content or one of its links no longer meets these guidelines, the site will either be edited promptly or the emblem/award will be required to be removed.

  6. Chat areas and forums on the site have and enforce rules that prohibit the promotion of School Violence or other violent themes and seeks to reduce School Violence.   It would also enforce sexually-explicit language, profanity, ridiculing and disparaging remarks toward others.

  7. No advertisements are accepted for liquor, tobacco, or pornographic products. 

  8. The emblem/award must not be changed in anyway, but used in it's complete form.

  9. The emblem/award must be linked to this page of guidelines (see code on emblems/awards page).

There will be differences of opinion at times. The owner (Keys To Safer of these emblems/awards reserves the right to decide whether the emblems/awards may be used by any given site. Polite comments and suggestions for changes or additions to the emblem/awards guidelines are encouraged.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to let us know via email if they feel a site is displaying KEYS' School-Friendly Site emblem/award inappropriately (including unauthorized edited versions of the emblems/awards). Every person who submits a valid report about a site displaying the KSFS emblem/award that does not conform to the KSFS emblem/award guidelines will be awarded a 10% discount off of any Service/Product of Keys. The same discount will also be awarded to each person who is responsible for a getting a qualifying site to add the KSFS emblem/award. (Send us email if you qualify for a discount).

Acceptable Location for Emblem/Award: Normally the emblem/award should be placed on the main page to clearly communicate your site's School-Friendly suitability to all visitors. The page with the emblem/award is the page that is published in the directory. Although, it may be added on an "awards" page - but this is not the desired location.

Add An Emblem/Award To Your Site

If you agree to the above terms and if your site qualifies according to those terms, then you may add the KEYS' School-Friendly Site emblem/award to your website. To do this, complete the form below:

URL Address:

Name of Submitting person:
Title of Site:

Then when you click submit a link to the location where the emblems/awards are will be visible for you to go and chose from.   Just save the desired emblem/award image file (see page showing emblem/award) to your site. Cut and paste the associated HTML code into your Web page and edit the code to point to the emblem/award file on your site (See instructions on the Emblem/Awards page).

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