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Key News Articles
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Table of Contents


School Shootings   4, 9, 12, 15, 16, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 33, 34, 36, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 48, 51, 53, 54, 56, 62, 63, 65, 67, 84, 91, 93, 94, 97, 99, 101, 106, 111
Crisis Readiness   1, 2, 3, 5, 17, 31, 35, 38, 50, 55, 58, 60, 61, 64, 69 , 70, 75, 92, 107

Mental Health / Behavior

  6, 7, 8, 14, 59, 102, 105
Youth-at-Risk   10, 11, 66, 72, 95, 96

Potentially Dangerous Students & Early Warning Signs

  13, 47, 49, 52, Special Edition , 71, 86, 87, 89
Bullying   18, 19, 22, 32, 78, 83, 88
Kids are the Keys   30, 40, 45, 46, 58
School Safety   57, 61, 66, 68, 69, 80, 82, 85, 90, 98, 100, 103, 104, 108, 109, 110

Volume 1: Are Our Schools Safe?  Top

Volume 2: Traffic Control In A Crisis  Top

Volume 3: Gun Violence Prevention  Top

Volume 4: SPECIAL REPORT: Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.   Top

Volume 5: What are Other Schools doing?  Top

Volume 6:The Last Shot Fired - PTSD  Top

Volume 7: Are You Raising Your Grandkids?   Top

Volume 8: Street Gangs In School  Top

Volume 9: Girl, 6, killed in school shooting: Classmate at Michigan school held as suspect in slaying  Top

Volume 10: Jump, Jive, & Wail: A Model Alternative School  Top

Volume 11: Frankenstein   Top

Volume 12: SPECIAL REPORT: Teacher Killed on last day of school: A young student allegedly shot and killed a male teacher in front of a class-room full of children    Top

Volume 13: School Violence: Early Warning Signs.

Volume 14: I'm afraid to go to school   Top

Volume 15: SPECIAL REPORT: Youth at-Large After Firing Gun In Washington State School & Update!   Top

Volume 16: SPECIAL REPORT: University of Arkansas School Shooting: Two killed, murder - suicide.  Top

Volume 17: Walking in the Light  Top

Volume 18: Bullying in School  Top

Volume 19: Bullying Research and Other Information 

Volume 20: SPECIAL REPORT: Two Students shot in New Orleans Middle School   Top


Volume 21: SPECIAL REPORT: Student Holds Children and one Teacher Hostage with 9mm gun in AZ School    Top


Volume 22: Facts About Bullying   Top


Volume 23: SPECIAL REPORT:  Student Shot and Killed Outside Baltimore High School   Top


Volume 24: SPECIAL REPORT:  2 Dead at Santana High School, 13 others injured   Top


Volume 25: School Shootings Are Becoming International     Top


Volume 26: SPECIAL REPORT:  5 Shot at Granite Hill High School, others injured  

  • Update - "Our school resource officer, Rich Agundez, is my personal hero..."

  • Sentencing Update - SAN DIEGO, September 13, 2001 -- An El Cajon student pleaded guilty today and agreed to a life term.           Top


Volume 27: SPECIAL REPORT:  1 Student Killed while other students watch!   Top


Volume 28: GUEST REPORT - The Jefferson Post:  5th Grader Suspended for verbal threat     Top


Volume 29: SPECIAL REPORT:  Alaska School Knife Attack Leaves 4 Injured    Top


Volume 30: Kids are the Keys - Student Reporting of known incidences of violence on school grounds.    Top


Volume 31: GRAND-OPENING of a the National: School Violence Resource Center      Top


Volume 32: FCCLA  Bullying Training Missouri State Conference a Glowing Success.     Top


Volume 33: "Seventeen and Deadly'' - Japan, Violence and School Children.    Top


Volume 34: "I wanted to know how it felt" The Killing of Josephine   Top


Volume 35: SPECIAL REPORT: Kids and Crisis - Helping Children Cope with a Crisis.    Top


Volume 36: High School Student Gunned Down    Top


Volume 37: Anthrax Concerns - Handling suspicious mail carefully    Top


Volume 38: SPECIAL REPORT: Terrorism - What about our Schools?? Top


Volume 39: SPECIAL REPORT: Student Takes Hostages, Then Kills Himself    Top


Volume 40: SPECIAL REPORT:  Columbine-Style Massacre Stopped, New Bedford, Mass   Top


Volume 41: SPECIAL REPORT:  School Shooting at Manhattan High School   Top


Volume 42: SPECIAL REPORT: School Principal is Killed by Gunfire in FREISING, Germany    Top


Volume 43:  Students Concerned - In the wake of a School Shooting at Martin Luther King Jr. High School    Top


Volume 44:  School Violence Erupts in January and February 2002 Top


Volume 45:  Internet Safety Rules - Contract between parents and the kids Top


Volume 46:  Internet Safety Rules - Contract between Schools and their Students.    Top


Volume 47: SPECIAL REPORT: Two Columbine Students Suspended - They scribbled 11 names on a pillar and called it "My Hit List".    Top


Volume 48:  SPECIAL REPORT: Germany: School Shooting Claims 18 - "HILFE" a sign pleading for help was seen in a window.

  • Update - A Student said, "I thought this must be a bad film. I thought this kind of thing only happened in America!"   Top


Volume 49:  SPECIAL REPORT: Identifying the Potentially Dangerous Student    Top


Volume 50:  SPECIAL REPORT: Terrorism and Anniversaries (9/11/2002).    Top


Volume 51:  SPECIAL REPORT: Benjamin Tasker Middle School Shooting...13 yr old boy shot in critical condition.    Top


Volume 52:  SPECIAL REPORT: Disgruntled Former Student Takes 4 Hostage in Germany School    Top


Volume 53:  SPECIAL REPORT: Shooting at the University of Arizona Nursing School Leaves 4 Dead    Top


Volume 54:  SPECIAL REPORT: Student shot at a High School in Jersey City    Top


Volume 55:  SPECIAL REPORT: The FBI Reports Crime is on the Rise    Top


Volume 56:  SPECIAL REPORT: Tulsa Student shot by a Security Guard   Top


Volume 57:  How to Recognize an Unsafe School   Top

Volume 58:  State Wide Lockdown   Top

Volume 59:  The Hybrid  Alternative Learning Environment  - Including the much needed Behavioral Component into the Alternative School Model Top

Volume 60:  Homeland Security Advisory System Breakdown  - Understanding the Homeland Security Advisory System Top

Volume 61:  SPECIAL REPORT: Homeland Security System and Schools  - Areas of Concerns within Schools. (FREE Download Available too!)  Top

Volume 62:  SPECIAL REPORT: Austin Student Charged with Fatally Stabbing his Ex-Girlfriend Top

Volume 63:  SPECIAL REPORT: 14-year-old Pennsylvania student kills his Principal in front of 300+ student at Red Lion Jr. High school. Top

Volume 64:  Grant Notice: Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plans Discretionary Grant Proposal Article (CFDA 84.184E / Due: June 30, 2003) Top

Volume 65:  Attack Stopped but Student Dies   Top

Volume 66:  Connections (How to identify and connect with invisible students)   Top

Volume 67:  School Year 03/04 - A bad start  Top

Volume 68:  Zero Tolerance Strikes Again  Top

Volume 69:  SPECIAL REPORT: Terror Alert Heightened to Orange  Top

Volume 70:  SPECIAL REPORT: Crisis in Conway, Chemical Plant Explosion  Top

Volume 71:  UPDATE REPORT: Two Year Anniversary of Grundy Law School Shooting, Law Suites filed alleging negligence on School's part.     Top

Volume 72:  Goth:  To Fear or not to Fear  Top

Volume 73:  Lely High School Students Arrested for Plotting Violence  Top

Volume 74:  Violence among Teen Girls on the Increase  Top

Volume 75:  Terrorism, Intelligence and Schools  Top

Volume 76:  SPECIAL REPORT: Terrorists take School Hostage, 336 Dead and 400+ wounded Top

 Volume 77: SPECIAL REPORT: How did Terrorists Attack the School at Beslan, Russia?  Top

Volume 78: Who Is The Victim? Top

Volume 79:  School Year 04/05 - The violence continues   Top

Volume 80: Evacuation! Top

Volume 81: SPECIAL REPORT: 10 Are Dead, including the Gunman, in Minnesota After Rampage at School  Top

Volume 82: Chemical Warfare in High School! - Steroids Top

Volume 83: Kids Who Need Help- One Parents Experience  Top

Volume 84: Coach Gunned Down  Top

Volume 85: Bus Violence in the News  Top

Volume 86: More Deadly Than Asbestos  Top

Volume 87: Hurricane Katrina Disaster: Concerns for the Displaced Students  Top

Volume 88: The Bullycide of Daniel Scruggs  Top

Volume 89: Columbine: Predictability  Top

Volume 90: What's Up With Buses?  Top

Volume 91: SPECIAL REPORT: Suicide By Cop?  Top

Volume 92: Recovery Process  Top

Volume 93: School Violence Snapshot 2006  Top

Volume 94: What If...  Top

Volume 95: Student Suicide 2006 Top

Volume 96: MS-13 Gang: The Worst of the Worst Top

Volume 97: Reno School Shooting Top

Volume 98: Bus Violence; 3 Days in March Top

Volume 99: Columbine Anniversary in Kansas Top

Volume 100: Mandated Reporters Top

Volume 101: Death at a Dance Top

Volume 102: Starter Drug Top

Volume 103: The Biological Factor Top

Volume 104: Teacher Violence Top

Volume 105: Fentanly Top

Volume 106: 2007 Starts with a Bang! Top

Volume 107: Pandemic PlanningTop

Volume 108: Lockerless Schools Top

Volume 109: Rape at Rogers School Top

Volume 110: Sexual Assaults at Schools Top

Volume 111: School Violence 2007 Top

Volume 112: 33 Killed at Virginia Tech Top


Special Edition:


Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student




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