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Keys To Safer

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The L-ock O-ut V-iolence E-veryday Campaign in Hot Springs and Garland County will be February 11-17, 2001.  Check out the events and sponsors for this Campaign!!

Hot Springs & Garland County 2001

Lock Out Violence Everyday Campaign: Feb. 11-17, 2001

Campaign (c)
Hot Springs, AR

February 11-17, 2001

Topics & Activities

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L.O.V.E. Campaign is to raise the awareness of the violence taking place in our schools, homes and communities. In the past 10 years, many have lost their lives in our schools, homes and communities. Each one of us individually and each organization or agency suffers when these needless incidents occur.




Lock Out Violence Everyday Campaign © is to focus the attention of the entire community on violence issues and solutions in our schools, homes and community. This booklet and the campaign are dedicated to the members of our community who have been victims of violence in the hope that they will be the last ones.

During Valentine’s Day week of 2001 (February 11-17, 2001), organizations and individuals from Hot Springs and Garland County will sponsor events designed to promote unity. These events will be entertaining, yet sobering as we look at this menace known as violence. Watch for announcements over US 97 or KZNG 1340AM radio stations, the Sentinel Record, television, and on Notice the list of sponsors and tell them how much you appreciate them for making this week possible.

Topics For the Week
Click on Day to see activities for that day.

  • Sunday, February 11:
    A day to Remember
  • Monday, February 12:
    Protecting Our Children
  • Tuesday, February 13:
    Keys To Safer Schools
  • Wednesday, February 14: (Valentine Day)
    Loving all
    - Teaching Tolerance & Respect
  • Thursday, February 15:
    When Violence gets Personal
    A Closer Look at Relationship Violence - Day 1
  • Friday, February 16:
    When Violence gets Personal
    A Closer Look at Relationship Violence - Day 2
  • Saturday, February 17:
    Stop the Violence with Sports, Recreation & Fun

Interested in a Community Violence Prevention Program??

Is my School, Home and Community Locking Out Violence?  Learn how you can L-ock O-ut V-iolence E-veryday!!  Click on this banner to learn more.

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