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Drug Test Kits

***FDA Approved***

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To Learn more about Drug Tester Kits click the links below

We offer:  Also offered are:
1-drug strip,   Tobacco Testers,
1-drug, Alcohol Saliva Tests and 
5-drugs, Saliva Drug Tester
5-drugs Cup , Mini Alcohol Testers.
6-drugs Cup , Micro Alcohol Tester.
6-drugs and, Digital Alcohol Tester.
9-drugs  test kits,  Date Rape Testers.

Download Drug Item pdf Flyer:  Click Here

Drug Free Family Pak:  Learn More

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** Brand new **


Mini Alcohol TestersThree new Mini Alcohol Testers are now available!!  Parents are you concerned about your students when they go to school, camp, friends or college that they may be drinking?  Here is a way you can help and give peace of mind.


A Saliva Drug Tester that detects 4 of the most common drugs without Flyer on Saliva-based testerthe privacy and health issues of collecting, handling and disposing of urine samples.


Click on the box above for the item interested in.

NOTE: Pictures are for example only. Individual products may vary in appearance and brand name.

Home Drug Tests

Drug test your teenager in the privacy of your own home with the FDA approved  Drug Tester.

Results are obtained in in minutes with outstanding performance ratings confirmed by the nation's most sophisticated quality assurance programs. 

The speed, sensitivity, and reliability of these Drug Tests have earned them wide acceptance by physicians, hospitals, schools, government, military, law enforcement, and corporations.

Each drug test conforms to standard NIDA/SAMSHA
cut-off levels,
so you can be sure that your results are consistent with laboratory testing methods.



As a result of the high degree of accuracy and low cost for our drug and tobacco test kits, they have been used for several purposes by our customers. Following is a partial list of uses of our drug test kits based on our five years of customer experience:

With a saliva-based test, students do not complain about the loss of dignity that is often associated with the collection of urine. 


  • Parents use them in conjunction with their personal family drug policies to help them keep their children drug, alcohol  and tobacco free.

  • Employers use them to test job applicants on site rather than incurring the high cost and lost time of sending these individuals to clinical testing locations.

  • Individuals use them who come in contact with drugs and are not confident they can pass an employer drug test.

  • Schools use them as a requirement for student participation in sports and other extra curricular activities.  See Board of Education vs. Earls, they found that it is "reasonable" under the Fourth Amendment to randomly administer drug tests to all high school students who participate in extracurricular activities."  Click to -> Read the decision

  • Drug, family and juvenile courts use them as a condition for probation.

  • Drug counselors and rehab centers use them to enforce their no drug policies.

SPECIAL HANDLING: Each order is shipped by standard postal service which can take up to 10-16 business days. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee. These include:

  • Priority (Ground, 3-7 working days) - based on weight

  • Express (Air, 2-4 working days) - based on weight

Times are not guaranteed. For credit card purchases and on-line checks, please select the type of shipping you desire while making your purchase.  You will find options on shopping in the shopping cart, select one of the shipping buttons.  


All prices are subject to change.

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