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Keys To Safer

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Bryant, AR  72089-0296
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Interactive Library Series

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Keys to Safer has joined forces with Motivational Interviewing to present the most innovative, effective and cost efficient training medium available today! 

The Interactive Library Series is more than a new software. With an exclusive proprietary source code, this collection of timely information appears as Broadcast Quality video presenting self driven, self paced education and training to way that resembles having a private tutor. Try it. Better yet, let your students or staff try it and see for yourself how this training can save money, human resources and produce better results than any other approach. 

To view more information and ordering details, click on this link or go to



Focus on Vitality

With obesity and other health issues becoming more prominent in education, this program will present a series of “life style” choices that influence a person’s state of health. Most young people are aware if they are over

weight or have other health issues. Rather than focus on their problems, this program focuses on solutions that involve changing habits.



Teens for Teens

Listen to teens tell their stories of peer pressure, self-esteem, relationships. Learn about sexually transmitted infections, communication, pregnancy, and the consequences that come from every decision we make. Test your knowledge on the myths & facts about sex and your susceptibility to peer pressure.

This teaching tool is designed for teens to find for themselves what makes for a good relationship, in friendship or dating. This CD-ROM will help teens know they’re decisions

count and that respecting themselves - emotionally, psychologically, physically – is the best protection from negative life-changing consequences.

Axiem Award National Winner in Education 2000
The New York Festivals Golden Show Winner 2000


Stop and Think

You become the middle or high schooler who is faced with confrontations. You must make decisions and choices in twelve different scenarios and find out how each different choice changes the ending.

This is an award-winning teaching tool in and out of the classroom, helping teens come to terms with their feelings and actions. The one on one challenge is done without peer pressure, opening a dialog between teens and teacher or parent. A report can be generated to identify how choices were made.

Axiem Awards Finalist in Education and Entertainment 2001


This program was developed with the Texas School Safety Center at Southwest Texas State University. It presents choices that young people make in such areas as

  • bullying,

  • sexual harassment,
  • drinking,
  • drugs,
  • racism,
  • suicide and

  • violence with a weapon.



They will decide how they feel and select the action they will take. Then, they see vividly see where their choices take them.



Team ADD is the first production of is kind to furnish "users" with a detailed "first-hand" understanding of the issues and feelings of teenagers with ADD. The fully interactive CD-ROM demonstrates the personal

feelings, strengths, and challenges a teenager with ADD experiences or faces daily. In addition, professional guidance and coaching is offered for teens, their families and teachers.(WIN)

Axiem Award National Winner in Education 2001


Bullying: Bystanders Make a Difference.

This timely program was developed with the West Palm Beach School System, It takes the user through twelve scenarios dealing with aspects of bullying and harassment. Students (or staff) will need to assess if they are  

  • bystanders
  • aggressive or
  • assertive ( a person that will think and then act)


This program allows the user to see the same scenario through each viewpoint to help promote sensitivity, empathy and an insight to subtle choice made by each of the three profiles.

Extreme Measures, Extreme Consequences

Developed with the Oregon Police Department, this interactive

CD-ROM takes the user through the minds of actual gang members as they tell their stories. This anti-gang program is a tool to talk to teens and their parents about gangs.



The topics covered through various scenarios are: Sexual Assault - Date Rape - Acquaintance Rape - Stalking - Cyber-Stalking - Myths vs. Facts challenge - Are you in a healthy relationship challenge - Date Rape and Designer Drug education - and more.


 Walk the Walk
Prevent the Liability

Walk the Walk. This is a liability prevention program developed with Palm Beach County, Florida school system and West Palm Beach SRO's. It gives users the ability to view situations based on actual events.

Once the user has viewed the event, a yes/no quiz is presented. The selection made will determine if the staff member’s choice is the correct decision/ action to protect all parties or is there a case for the courts?

Designed for administrators, school personnel and school resource officers, this program offers fourteen different scenarios. The staff member will be quizzed on each and then given the correct answers in video. Any incorrect responses from the quiz are highlighted for re-enforcement.

This is an interactive program dedicated to helping parents and their children discuss the dangers of drug abuse. Created by Dr. Charles Friedman, developed with FADD for families of children who have died of drug overdoses, this interactive broadcast quality video CD-

ROM introduces you to teenagers who wished their parents knew more about how to talk to them about drug abuse. Twelve families who lost their children, an education on the designer drugs (including the rave scene and drug abuse) help you in how to assess if your child is abusing drugs.



Ordering Instructions



Please Click Here Motivational Interviewing enter this address in your browser: to learn more about purchasing these materials.


If you have questions you may email Keys at


Keys To Safer

P.O. Box 296

Bryant, AR. 72089-0296




All prices are subject to change.

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