Schedule a Training | Co-Sponsor a Training | Testimonials Training Formats Available What is a Pandemic? Each year the common flu kills about 36,000 people in the United States. A “pandemic” occurs when a strain of the flu virus mutates to become readily … [Read more...]

Why Johnny Won’t Sit Still

 Why Won't Johnny Sit Still!! Managing Disruptive Behavioral Problems Schedule a Training | Co-Sponsor a Training | Testimonials | Training Formats This training comes in multiple formats  This 3 hour In-service  training is essential for anyone who has or works … [Read more...]

Displacement due to Disaster

 Helping those of a Catastrophic Disaster Dealing with Anger, Suicide, Depression, Anxiety Disorders and other disorders of Displaced individuals Schedule a Training | Co-Sponsor a Training | Testimonials | Learn more about Accompanying Book Training Formats … [Read more...]

Assessing Dangerousness in Adults

  Schedule a Training | Co-Sponsor a Training | Testimonials |  Learn about Guides Training Formats Available What are we missing!!   With the ever-increasing frequency and severity of mass shootings and other forms of violence, it is time … [Read more...]

School Violence Readiness Training

  Schedule a Training | Co-Sponsor a Training | Testimonials |  Learn more about Accompanying Book Training Formats Available Even when schools create a positive school climate, clear policies, and effective violence prevention plans, the warning signs of … [Read more...]

MS-13 Gang – La Mara Salvatrucha

Bloods, Crips, Folk, Vice Lords, Latin Kings are names that often cause alarm and fear among the gentle people of America. Now a gang is emerging on the scene that causes members of these notorious gangs to fear or at least have second thoughts about venturing onto the wrong street. La Mara … [Read more...]

Is Your Organization Safe?

Are you and your organization/school doing what it takes to actively prevent violence from erupting? Many are wondering what we can do as parents, educators, law enforcement, students and others to ensure a safe environment in the wake of so many mass shootings.  The first step is to know what … [Read more...]

Child Suspended From School For Miming Shooting An Arrow

    Zero Tolerance  –  Does it work?? A 10-year-old has been suspended from school and threatened with expulsion for firing a make-believe arrow at a classmate, prompting a rights group to step in and demand the incident be stricken from the record. A civil liberties watchdog … [Read more...]

FBI States; Police & Schools learn – Early Warning Signs

   Why didn't we see it coming? FBI Director James Comey said ... agencies have to stepped up training for police departments (First Responders and School Districts) around the country after the Newtown school shooting for the purpose of increasing its understanding of warning signs before … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Prevent Bullying for Students

There is a good chance that you have experienced bullying yourself, or that you have been the bully yourself. Probably, you have seen someone else being bullied. Bullying can take the form of words or deeds. It can be done in person or from electronic devices. It includes repeatedly calling … [Read more...]