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Bus Violence

in the News


Bus Violence in the News

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Bus Incidents in 2006:

  • Bus Driver slapping StudentJohnson County, IN A bus driver is caught on tape slapping a passenger who is a special needs student.

  • Torrence, CA A 9-year old student brought a gun on his school bus. I showing it off, the gun discharged striking another student. The injuries were not life threatening.

  • Temple Hills, MD A fight broke out on a bus carrying students home. When the driver pulled over, several students fled the bus and one of them started shooting at the bus. The bus was hit but none of the students onboard.

  • Philadelphia, PA The bus driver was distracted by a fight that broke out on the bus causing the bus to go out of control. One adult and two students were taken the hospital for minor injuries.

  • Fort Morgan, CO The bus driver thought one of the Kindergarteners on her bus had popped a balloon. When she returned to the bus garage, she found a bullet hole in the back door and through two seats. None of the kids were injured. A 19  year-old has been arrested.

  • Streator, IL A bus carrying 15 members of the high school girls basketball team was struck head-on by a truck. The truck driver died of injuries sustained; the girls were taken the hospital as a precaution.

  • Nolanville, TX A nine year-old girl was sexually assaulted at her school bus stop. It was second such assault of a young girl at the same bus stop within 3 months.

  • (name withheld) A boy and girl engaged in a sex act on the bus. The bus driver reported not knowing anything about it. The incident only came to light after a fight on the bus ended with the students bringing up the sex issue. A number of other students witnessed the act but said nothing.

School Bus Hijacked

Miami-Dade, March 8, 2005

Miami-Dade School Bus HijackingInvestigators say the bus driver was just heading out on her morning route to pick up students going to Hialeah Miami Lakes High School when it happened. No students were on the bus at the time of the armed carjacking. The driver told police she was stopped at an intersection at 119th Street and Northwest 22nd Avenue when a man dressed in white knocked on her window, pointed a gun at her and said, "Open the door for my friend." The driver said she saw a man dressed in black come to the door. The two men got on the bus and allegedly forced the woman to drive them along several streets, including Interstate 95.  The men then dropped the woman off at Northwest Third Avenue and 19th Street and drove away.  Police found the bus about a block away at Northwest Fifth Avenue and 20th Street.  The driver was not harmed during the incident.



February 16, 2005

A 13-year-old boy stabbed his classmate on a school bus Wednesday and was charged with first-degree assault, while the driver who failed to notice the attack in the back of the bus has been taken off the road.


New Jersey

May 11, 2004

At 2:42pm, May 11, 2004 the Mendham Boro. Fire Department was dispatched to the area of Rt. 24 near the soccer fields for the reported bus fire. The local town workers happened to be passing by the area just as the bus caught fire; they quickly contacted dispatch and advised a fully involved bus fire. They attempted to extinguish the blaze with a few extinguishers but failed as the fire grew in intensity. It was unknown if any kids were trapped on the bus which was on its way to a baseball game. It quickly became evident that all the kids and bus driver escaped the blaze with out serious injuries but needed to be checked out by the first aid squad. The bus driver was transported to Morristown Memorial Hospital where he was further evaluated.



September 16, 2003

Three Boston elementary school students were taken to Children’s Hospital Medical Center with breathing problems Monday after a scuffle spun out of control on a Boston Public Schools bus on Boston University’s South Campus.

Brookline Police were called to the scene at the corner of Mountfort and Carlton Streets around 4:30 p.m. after the bus driver reported to a police dispatcher that he “couldn’t control the kids,” a Brookline police official said. Several police cars and three ambulances reported to the scene shortly thereafter.

Police did not report how many students were involved in the melee, but said it could have involved as many as 30 to 50 — the total number of students on the bus.

Though there were “no major injuries,” according to the police official, the three children were taken to the hospital because of concerns about their breathing. Brookline Police declined to identify the children and a Children’s Hospital official could not disclose their conditions Monday night.

Further details on the incident were unavailable Monday night. Boston Public Schools Spokesman Jonathan Palumbo said school officials are not usually notified of issues on school buses until the next day unless the situation is an “emergency.”


Palatka, FL

March 10, 2005

A 14 year old student at Jenkins Middle School came under attack Monday on a bus ride home from school. T.J. Brown who is an 8th grader is missing a front tooth. A fellow student is accused of throwing the punch. He has been suspended and now faces expulsion.

Brown's mother, Linda King, says her son became a punching bag in the attack. King says, "A lot of blood on clothes from what I understand all over the bus." The alleged attack was video taped by a camera on the bus. The tape is not being released by school officials until privacy issues involving other students can be resolved.

The principal at Jenkins Middle told First Coast News the 7th grader involved has been suspended from school and it is her recommendation to have the 13 year old expelled. That decision would have to be made by a committee that reviews such cases.


Cumberland, TN

March 2, 2005

Bus Driver Killed by a male student in Cumberland, TNA school bus driver was shot to death as she drove her route Wednesday morning and a male student was taken into custody, authorities said. No students were hurt. Law enforcement sources who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Associated Press that the bus driver died.  At the time of the shooting, the bus was carrying up to 20 students, ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade, said Bill Austin, a supervisor for Stewart County schools.


Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Jennifer Johnson said the student taken into custody is 14 years old. Authorities did not immediately give his name.  The bus crashed into a utility pole at the driveway of the student's home and knocked out power in the rural neighborhood. A white sheet was draped across the front of the bus and door as authorities investigated the scene.  Mitchell Kern, a neighbor who graduated from high school last year, said the student who was taken into custody had been kicked off the bus a couple of weeks ago for using smokeless tobacco.  "He was a good kid," Kern said. "He listened to his parents; they loved him to death."


Regardless of the source (international terrorism, irate parent or out of control student) Bus Drivers are faced with potential Crises every time they run their route. They need and deserve specialized training to meet this challenge. If your Bus Drivers have need of such training, check out this link: and call or email Keys today.


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