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On-line FREE Webinar Training Module

On-Line Training with Certification and Certificate of Completion for CEU credits!!


The Most Dangerous Gang in America


La Mara Salvatrucha

The MS 13 Gang

Learn More
about Webinar and what is included

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This FREE featured On-line Training will provide needed information about MS-13 This online, web-based, webinar training will quickly educate you in the Most Dangerous Gang in the United States.   


What are Gang Prevention Professionals saying about the training?

This venue is a great way for school personnel to receive the training and knowledge about gangs.
Lori Sauls, Campus Supervisor
Cardozo Middle School - Riverbank,

Really Well Done!  Very Informative, Easy to Understand and Comprehensive.
Vaness Luna, Gang Violence Suppression Education Coordinator
Nape County Office of Education - Napa, California


Good training and great video feeds!

Brian Walker, Director

3-B Detention Center -  Idaho Falls, Idaho


The Telecast was very well presented.  The information was well laid out and repeated adequately.
Sonia McDonald, Private Consultant
Child & Youth Worker - Orangeville, ON - Canada


Very Helpful!    Wish you had more online gang seminars for Law Enforcement

Wesley Stewart, Correction Officer II

West Virginia Regional Jail and Correction Facility Authority, WV


Excellent informational website!! Good information & Officer Safety Issues!  Good introduction into the MS-13 Gang.

Edgar Castillo, Master Deputy / Training Officer

Johnson County Sheriff's Office, Kansas


Very Helpful!

Luke R. Hansen, Psy.D. - Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Center Associates, Marshalltown, Iowa


Good Webinar...  Interesting and informative.

Jennifer Howell, Psy.D. - Psychologist

Tykes and Teens, Inc., Port Saint Lucie, FL

Great video, very informative!
Trooper X (confidential)
Virginia State Police - Williamsburg, VA


FREE Webinar
Act Today!

Homeland Security Takes on Gangs


La Mara Salvatrucha - The MS-13 GangHomeland Security, created to keep the US safe from terrorist attacks, this month announced that they are engaged in raiding street gangs. The primary gang of interest is MS-13. This is an extremely brutal gang with ties to Central America with possible military training and rumored alliance with al-Qaida. "Operation Community Shield" netted 375 arrested gang members in 24 states. Crimes included rape, murder and drug trafficking. MS13 is the fastest growing gang and most brutal gangs that law enforcement officials can remember. To learn more about this gang read the article MS-13.

Are you sure that your school is not infected with gang issues? To learn how to intervene with potential gang members, take this Online Webinar today.


  • Two Contact Hours

  • Certificate of Completion on
    MS-13 Training

  • Two-Year Certification;

    •  MS-13 Certification
      (facilitator level)

  • Inexpensive Cost

  • Reduces Costs for;

    • Transportation Costs

    • Hotel Costs

    • Meals

    • Trainee's time away

  • In-depth Information


  1. 1 1/2 hour high-quality video

  • Video interviews of actual gang members, law enforcement experts and others.

  • Other items included see below.


  1. Test for Certification

  • On-line test over items


Topics Covered in Webinar

  • Cutting-Edge & Current on;
    • Who is MS-13
    • Their History
    • How they operate
    • Their location (states)
    • Their Goals
    • and much more...
  • Learn about Threats to;
    • Law Enforcements
    • School Staff
    • Communities
    • Students & Children
  • Identify Tactics;
    • that MS-13 members use
    • for Law Enforcement
    • for School Staff



  • Knowledge of;
    • MS-13's Goal
    • Affiliates
    • Enemies
  • Increase Recognition of MS13's;
    • Graffitti
    • Tattoos
    • Clothing & Colors
  • Improve Understand of;
    • Communication Slang
    • Group Profiles
    • Graffiti Analysis (cliques)
    • Communication Decoding
    • Group Profiles

On-line Registration for CURRENTLY Scheduled Training only!

 Complete this for the MS-13 Online Webinar



This is for on-line registration for the MS-13 training ONLY.  Please complete the information below.  Once you submit and upon completion you will be immediately emailed the link to the online Webinar.  Otherwise, please click on "To Schedule a Training" if you are interested in scheduling an onsite training in your area. 

  1. Training:  You are registering for the MS-13 Webinar.

  2. Date of Training: Enter today's date

Demographic information

  1. School, Contact person, Title, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone and E-Mail:  Enter the Demographic information on person scheduling Attendees.. 

  2. "How did you hear" and "Comments": Complete this section.

  1. List of Attendees:  Please enter all attendees (including person scheduled to take Webinar) with appropriate information requesting.


Complete this information for the MS-13 Webinar (online training)

School or Organization: 
Contact Person's Name: 
Official Title: 
State/Prov.:  Zip/Post. code: 
How Did You Hear of Us? 
List of Attendees:  Please list all attendees' Name, Title, Email Address, & Phone # that you are registering for the above training Webinar.


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