Train-the-Trainer’s (TtT) Model

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Train the TrainerTrain-the-Trainer’s (TtT) Model   

 The Train-the-Trainer’s (TtT) model is based on the design of a Keys’ National/ International recognized Subject Matter Expert training and developing a highly skilled core group of trainers, who would in turn conduct workshops in their organization/district to develop highly skilled facilitators who would utilize the tools, skills and materials with their target audience (teachers, students, parents, youth workers, law enforcement, SRO’s, Emergency Management Staff, etc)


Using the train-the-trainer model, less trained facilitators receive training, coaching and mentoring from the experienced staff trainers. The seasoned trainer-staff guide the less experienced in developing the skills and knowledge they need to deliver the goals and objective of the training.

Train-the-Trainer Benefits

  • Two Year Certification as a Certified Training
  • Continuing Educational Unit’s toward CEU Credit
  • Trainers train facilitators and Keys’ will issue a Facilitator’s Certificate for CEU Credit
  • Utilizes organizations  internal training resources
  • Not dependent on calendars/availability of external agencies training schedule
  • Cost efficient;
    • no extended days off, no travel, no hotel, no food and reduced training cost.
  • Internal trainers can easily integrate their knowledge of the industry and organization into  the training content
  • Internal trainers are grounded in their organizations needs, goals, issues, internal dynamics – they can easily bring a level of relevance and value to the program
  • Increases capacity of internal trainers to add value to organizational learning
  • Builds internal trainers’ core capacity to become an even more vital and indispensable resource to your company
  • Can build a pool of trainers who can then teach the program and material to other staff for sustainability of the program.

    Example Training Model - Click to enlarge

    Example Training Model – Click to enlarge

How It Works

  1. Identify eligible staff who meet specific criteria for Train-the-Trainer based on program
  2. Receive Train-the-Trainer Certification by Keys’ Subject-Matter-Experts
  3. Tailor the program if and as required to include relevant examples and organization specifics to the Keys’ program and curriculum.