Keys’ offers complete solutions to help ensure a safe school environments and workplaces.  Keys’ cutting edge training models provide comprehensive solutions for schools, youth oriented organizations and workplaces.  All of our trainings are based in National /International Research, they are practical, usable, and have been utilized by organizations in the US, Canada and Europe.

A Complete List of Curriculum:

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Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student (PDS)

With the ever-increasing frequency and severity of school shootings and other forms of violence, it is time that we do something about it. Based upon International Level research by the Department of Education, Office of Juvenile Justice, the FBI, the Secret Service and others.  Keys’ has developed a most unique approach to the detection and prevention of School Violence. The full training provides schools a component of a Risk/Threat Assessment Team Model…  Read More…

AngerManagementAnger Management/De-escalation Training (AMD)
 Huan Ju, the Art of Redirection

School Teachers, School Resource Officers, Faculty, Classroom Aides, Professors, Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, Probation Officers, and Parent of special need students—Everyone who works with children, adolescents and young adults NEEDS this training.  Read More…


BullyingStops Bullying Stops when Respect Begins (BSWRB’s)

Bullying Stops when Respect Begins is a research based program.  It is a facility-based social & emotional learning program designed to bring new awareness to the problem, develop understanding about the issue, implement new skills to empower, to decrease bullying and help all build more respectful, caring peer relationships and build environments that are supportive, accepting of differences and uplifting.  Read More…

Behavioral Management of Disruptive StudentsBehavioral Management of Disruptive Students
 Addressing Severe Student Behavior

This training focuses on Understanding behavior, Determining it’s function in a student, Identifying Replacement behaviors, Looking for possible Interventions and Crafting a Positive Behavioral Plan to Extinguish the Inappropriate Behaviors and ways to measure the progress.  The training relies on  the Positive Behavioral Support approaches to managing severe behavior and is delivered by Subject-Mater-Experts in the field of Management of Severe Behavior.  This training can be adapted to focus on a signal phase in the process:  I. Conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment  or  II.  Identifying Replacement Behaviors used in Developing a Behavioral Intervention Plan or III.  Developing a Effective Positive Behavioral Intervention Plan   IV.  Placement and Follow through of that Plan or  V.  Measuring the Progress             Read more…


First Responder Training

Phase IV – First Responders Training

A Component of the Threat/Risk Assessment Teams

This training will highlight the uniqueness of each of the designated organizations/schools (like organizations or schools in the; district, city, county or other boundaries which are set) and will identify areas within their emergency response planning that can be made uniform.  Objective: To develop a fully coordinated Multi-Hazard Crisis/Emergency Operation Plans, unique to each school/organization but uniform in procedure, so that all efforts at the onset of an emergency/crisis can be focused on resolving the crisis. Read More…

Emergency Response Development TrainingPhase IV – Emergency Response Development Training

The Emergency Response Development Training has drawn on a wealth of national research and years of professional experience to produce a Nationally utilized System for schools to follow in developing a Multi-Hazard Crisis/Emergency Operation Plans tailored to their specific needs and situation. The Nationally utilized System and the Multi-Hazard Plans produced by Keys has been reviewed by state officials and meet needed standards.   Read More..

Bus Driver TrainingBus Driver Training:
Student Management in a Hostile Environment

Managing the Mobile Classroom

This “one-of-a-kind” MUST HAVE training –  trained all over the US and Canada.  Every day millions of children ride a bus to and from school. There is only one adult on board and his or her primary mission is the safe mechanical operation of the vehicle on congested or lonely roads. Just as important is his or her secondary mission of managing the students, their parents and unexpected incidents along the route. This one-of-a-kind training is designed to equip the driver with skills to handle this secondary mission.  Read More…

Kids are the Keys

Kids are the Keys

Recognition & Reporting of Threats from Students

In almost every school shooting, student knew in advance“.

This program provides a means of reporting  crime, violence, or  threats of violence while maintaining anonymity. Such knowledge can help make our schools safer places for learning.  In this interactive program Keys’ presents to students to help them recognize the Early Warning Signs of potential problems in another student; then, what they should do with the knowledge gained from such an observation.   Read more…

Goal Attainment ScalingGoal Attainment Scaling

Development of an Evaluation Program for Grants
Evaluating Program Effectiveness by Goal Attainment Scaling–A Quantitative Method for Evaluating Attainment of Multiple Goals.

This training is a didactic block of instruction followed by a workshop session in practical use of the G.A.S. method. This training will enable administrators, principals, counselors, program managers and evaluators to simultaneously rate the effectiveness of a program (like; (PBIS) Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports ) by generating rating system. Scores from this system will provide a measure of the overall effectiveness of the program.  Read more…

Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution TrainingTurning Conflict into Co-Operation

This training is presented with today’s schools and students in mind; however, it applies to anyone who routinely finds himself or herself in conflict with another person.  Those who attend this training will learn:

*  Why there is conflict; its root causes; that it can be good or bad
*  How to identify someone style of handling conflict
*  Different ways that people handle conflict
*  Techniques for solving our own conflicts
*  How to find help with conflicts from peers; from outside mediators    Read more…


Behavioral Management

Behavioral Management SE & 504of Section 504 & Special Ed. Students

This training will focus on Section 504 of the IDEA and Special Education Students.  The training will deal with aspects surrounding management of students exhibiting behavioral or severe behavioral issues and then how to serve that student.  The training relies on  the Positive Behavioral Support approaches to managing severe behavior.   Read more…

MS-13 Gang Webinar Training “Full Feature

MS-13 Webinar

The Most Dangerous Gang in America
La Mara Salvatrucha – The MS 13 Gang

This FREE* featured On-line Training will provide needed information about MS-13.   This online, web-based, webinar training will quickly educate you in the  Most Dangerous Gang in the United States.   Learn more about Webinar MS-13 Gang

Multi-Hazard Response DrillsPhase VI – Multi-Hazard Crisis/Emergency Plan Drills Training

Testing the Multi-Hazard Plan through Drills

A training designed to take a district through testing their Multi-Hazard Crisis/Emergency Plan.  It deals with exercising the Multi-Hazard Plan that has been developed to determine that it works and to refine any trouble spots that may show up.  Read more…

Crisis Recovery K-RTM - Certification TrainingPhase VII -Crisis Recovery Training

Returning to Normal

Crisis Recovery – Returning to Normal: Phase VII: Dealing with the Emotional Issues Facing Students and Staff  covers need skills of a Recover Team Member.  Based on International Research this training is a must have.  Develop a Keys’ - Recovery Team for your organization before a Crisis happens, this is a certification training.   A Keys’ - Recovery Team Member (K-RTM) helps those affected by a traumatic event deal with emotional reactions, such as sadness, anger, fear and safety, caused by stressful situations. Other areas to consider are those impacting the physical needs. The K-RTM help staff, students and possible parents gain emotional control by offering them coping mechanisms and support groups, possibly including some stress management techniques.  Read more...

Other Training Courses

Train-the-Trainer TrainingsMost Trainings above are provided in the Train-the-Trainer Model

Facilitator Trainings - Most Trainings above are provided in the Facilitator Training Model

In-Services/Student Assemblies

Coming Soon

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