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Displacement Due to Disaster

Helping Children of a Catastrophic Disaster

Dealing with Anger, Suicide, Depression, Anxiety Disorders and Other Disorders of displaced children 

Displacement Due to Disaster will equip those who attend with the knowledge and skills needed to meet this unique challenge. This training targets - teachers, school officials, SRO's, Bus Drivers, Counselors and other youth workers who are in the position of receiving displaced students. 

When a student is displaced to a new location, new school, he or she has a considerable adjustment. When a large group of students from a single area transfer into a new school hundreds of miles away, there is considerable adjustment for the students of both schools, the staff and the community. Add the fact that none of these new students wanted to leave their former schools, they now live in humble conditions and many have lost family members, friends and pets. 

Keep in mind that not only will the schools be overloaded, so will the support system that normally would be readily available. Teachers can expect to be called on to handle issues that counselors handled before and counselors will be called on to handle issues that clinics previously handled. This training will provide essential information on such topics as:

  • How to help "old" students accept "new" students
  • Should incoming students be kept together or integrated throughout the system
  • How to identify and de-escalate an angering situation
  • How to stay safe in an unsafe situation
  • How to recognize a potentially dangerous situation
  • How to recognize displacement related issues, such as, depression, anxiety disorders, suicidal ideations, phobias and others
  • What to refer, When to refer, Where to refer, How to refer.
  • What to do about bullying
  • What to do when you need an SRO but they are all involved in another situation

In the Catastrophic Disaster of Hurricane Katrina, Houston opened its collective heart and arms to these displaced families and their students - primarily from New Orleans; however, violence between the two groups erupted which marred the healing process.

Fight Breaks out between students from Houston and New Orleans



If your District has received Displaced Students which has overwhelmed your systems and you would be interested in this training.  Then Keys would gladly bring this training to your location.  For a short period of time Keys staff would gladly donating their time and Keys would underwriting much of the administrative cost as our way to give back to those in need.  


Keys is a not-for-profit Organization with no Federal or State underwriting our services.  Therefore, Keys would welcome any one or a group who would like to participate financially in this program so that we may help more since the need is so great.  


Drug Recognition and Intervention:

Program Targets Schools & Youth Organizations 

Substance abuse among youth has reached epidemic proportions. To combat this trend, Keys to Safer has developed a multifaceted program aimed at meeting the needs of the student, the school and the community. This unique and valuable training will assist Youth Oriented Organizations in the establishing a of Drug Abatement program through a tailored approached that includes education, training and services. We will deal with Drug Recognition, Drug Identification, User Effects, Drug Abuse Prevention and Intervention concerns, Search and Seizure Laws, School investigation and other Legal Considerations, Investigation of Drug Usage on Campus, Possession and Dealing guidelines and much more.

At the conclusion of the training, each attendee will be;

  • Awarded a Certificate as a Trainer

  • Awarded 16 contact hours for continuing education

  • Provided an in-depth Manual covering many topics of Drug

  • Recognition and Intervention

  • Able to identify illicit drugs by appearance and/or smell

  • Able to identify the effects of illicit drugs in people

  • Skilled in techniques for acquiring drug knowledge from youth

  • Knowledgeable of the physiological, mental and emotional impact of drugs

  • Equipped to tailor a drug abatement program for the school

  • Knowledgeable of parameters for operating within the laws of Texas

  • Knowledgeable of drug testing techniques and systems


The Keys To Safer Team of Subject Matter Experts brings to this training a base of experience that includes over 100 years of service in Substance Abuse and Recovery, Mental Health and Legal practices.  


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