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Japan – Primary School Violence up to Record Highs: Vol. 150

SAFER SCHOOLS NEWS-VOL. 150 Primary School Violence at all time high in Japan* Learn about International Anti-Bullying Training: Bullying Stops when Respect Begins * Then Learn more at Bottom In Japan – bullying at Primary Schools is up to record highs.  In 2013 (period ending in March 2014) bullying incidents have risen to 118,805, which […]

A Closed School after Ebola Concerns

Breaking News: Schools close, others disinfect or quarantine around US over Ebola Concerns

Schools close, others disinfect or quarantine around US over Ebola Concerns Symptoms  |  Exposure Risk Levels  |  How it’s Passed  |  What Schools Can do? LEARN about:  Pandemic vs. Epidemic Is your School/Business Prepared? –  Learn More Learn More about –  School Ebola Protection Kit Module – 2 Person The second nurse to contract Ebola traveled to her hometown in Ohio […]


Breaking News: 4 or 5 Students Exposed to Ebola in TX

Ebola now in U.S. for the 1st Time – with 4 or 5 Students exposed Symptoms  |  Exposure Risk Levels  |  How it’s Passed  |  What Schools Can do? LEARN about:  Pandemic vs. Epidemic Is your School/Business Prepared? –  Learn More Dallas, TX: BREAKING YESTERDAY:  According to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the first ever U.S. Ebola patient […]


Breaking News: School Shooting NC – 1 shot & 1 in custody

1 Shot; 1 shooter in custody NC school LEARN about - Assessing Dangerousness in Adults & Assessing the Potentially Dangerous Student. Is your School/Business Prepared? –  Learn More Albemarle, N.C:  Police in Albemarle report one student has been shot and another student is in custody after a shooting at Albemarle High School in Albemarle, NC which is about 35 miles […]

10 Concerns for Schools in a Pandemic


Schedule a Training | Co-Sponsor a Training | Testimonials Training Formats Available What is a Pandemic? Each year the common flu kills about 36,000 people in the United States. A “pandemic” occurs when a strain of the flu virus mutates to become readily transmitted person to person and is resistant to the common flu vaccines. Because schools put more […]


Breaking News: ISIS/ISIL & Our Schools

Learn more about “Terrorism and our Schools“ ISIS/ISIL & Our Schools Should U.S. Schools be concerned about ISIS/ISIL and the possible 100+ U.S. citizens who have western passports and could be re-entering the US?   ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria  or ISIL – Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. ISIS is attempting […]

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assaults at Schools: Vol. 110

SAFER SCHOOLS NEWS-VOL. 110 Sexual Assaults at Schools     The New School Year has just begun or will for many school districts.  Please take a moment to make sure our students are not only safe from an Active Shooter but from Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault at school. Are our children safe at school? […]